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$1,200,000 Million Growth Capital for Eyewear Brand

This rapidly growing eyewear brand was referred to Sallyport by our contact who specializes in standallone inventory finance. Eco-friendly alternatives are popping up in each and every industry and giving consumers the choice to move away from products that we know do more harm to the planet. This brand goes even further in that it…

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Electronic Bikes Distributor on a Roll with $500,000 Finance

We’re pleased to announce a new Canadian client for July as we welcome on board a growing electronic bikes distributor with a $500,000 invoice factoring facility. The client, previously self-financed, was referred to Sallyport by our contact in the mortgage market and needed an injection of working capital to progress their plans for expansion into…

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$7,500,000 Finance for Fragrance Industry Leader

We welcome another fantastic client to Sallyport in July as we provide $7,500,000 in finance for fragrance industry leaders in the U.S. After funding the business’ Canadian entity earlier this year, we’re delighted to bring on board the U.S. side of the organization with a $7.5 Million total accounts receivable facility. The client will utilize…

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$12,000,000 Boost for Oil and Gas Services Business

We’re delighted to announce July funding of $12 Million for a company in the Oil and Gas Services industry. Referred to Sallyport by a private equity group with whom we’ve worked before, the client required the funds to exit their existing bank relationship and raise further finance for ongoing working capital needs. Nick Hart, Sallyport…

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How Can Staffing Agencies Manage Labor Shortage?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for staffing agencies to meet the demands of clients by finding top talent. Many companies are having difficulty filling their staffing needs despite a slight decrease in unemployment rates in the US and record low unemployment in Canada. The reasons for these difficulties are complex; whereas in a typical economic…

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Invoice Factoring Vs Invoice Financing: What’s the Difference?

There’s a lot of confusion among small business owners who are new to accounts receivable finance about the differences between invoice factoring and invoice financing. It is important to note that these terms are not interchangeable. Choosing the right invoice financing or factoring service based on your business needs and current situation requires knowledge of…

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