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5 Growth Stages of Business and How to Finance Them

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in manufacturing or staffing, have one or fifty employees; the growth stages of business look fairly similar for any organization. Understanding these phases and recognizing which one you’re in, can help you to understand where to concentrate your time and efforts and you will be able to manage financial resources…

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Sallyport Commercial Finance Equips Solar Panel Supplier with Growth Finance of $7.0 Million Dollars

3/22/21 – California – Sallyport Commercial Finance provided a $7.0 mm Accounts Receivable Financing Facility to a supplier of high-efficiency solar panels. Our client had a choice between a lower priced bank line with limitations or a more flexible facility from Sallyport.  They choose growth and the confidence in partnering with Sallyport to help achieve…

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Trends Transforming the Food and Beverage Industry


There’s not much to come out of the pandemic unscathed and unchanged and this is especially true for the food and beverage industry. Every aspect has been upturned and shaken up with some previous trends and markets disappearing completely, other trends accelerating at speed and brand new directions forged.  Consumers play a leading role in…

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Is US Manufacturing the Route to Economic Recovery?


There’s a big sea change underway in US manufacturing, the start of which predates the significant economic and political events of the last year. What we can now say with some degree of certainty is that the landscape for manufacturing companies post-pandemic will be very different.  Bringing US manufacturing home Part of the last presidential…

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Challenges Facing Staffing Agencies Today

Staffing agency owners are emerging from the pandemic cautiously optimistic. After the major upheavals of last year, there seems to be signs of the elusive new normal on the horizon.   COVID challenges affected different staffing agencies to different degrees depending on their systems and specialism but all would have felt the impact in one way…

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