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$500,000 Finance Ignites Expansion of Energy Services Business 

We’re delighted to announce that Sallyport has funded another business in expanding their operations in North America. A $500,000 accounts receivable facility will provide the working capital needed for the client to disrupt the energy services market with their innovative seal technologies and enhance their presence in the region. This client was referred to Sallyport…

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Oil and Gas Company Set for Success with $4,000,000 Growth Capital

Sallyport is pleased to announce a mid-May funding of $4,000,000 in growth capital for a company providing products and services to the oil and gas industry.  This client was known to Sallyport through an existing customer and as the relationship grew, Sallyport were approached to provide the funding they needed. A combination of primarily accounts…

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Financing Business Through Interest Rate Risk


Just a few short months back business owners were earnestly trying to come back from Omicron and wondering whether they would be facing another blow to their recovery through a rise in interest rates. Fast-forward to now and there’s more certainty around where economic policy is headed in North America; interest rates have risen twice…

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Sallyport Provides $1.5 Million Finance to Boost Truck Rental Business

A $1.5 million factoring facility has just been approved for a Canadian truck rental and servicing business currently operating out of Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. The client was referred to Sallyport directly from another finance company and requires the funds to facilitate payroll payments, settle some debt and allow for ongoing working capital while they…

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Top 10 Ways to Improve Performance in Food and Beverage Manufacturing


There’s no doubt, being in the food and beverage manufacturing industry at this point in time is tough. It was never an industry for the faint-hearted, competing with established big brands and falling foul to ever-changing consumer behavior and strict regulations.  The market is growing, however consumers are looking for more value, buying into sustainable…

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