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Staffing StartUp Shaking Up Market with $500,000 Finance

$500,000 in accounts receivable finance is supporting an innovative staffing startup in achieving their growth ambitions.  The client was introduced to Sallyport directly by a broker pre-pandemic and we’ve nurtured a relationship with them since then. Experiencing the age-old challenge for staffing businesses; payroll to be made weekly but debtors only paying in 30 –…

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Disclosure Laws Incoming – Commercial Lenders Prepare to Comply

Many U.S. states have either already introduced commercial lending disclosure laws or are in the process of passing new legislation. These new laws are requiring commercial lenders to make consumer-type disclosures to borrowers in commercial lending transactions; unless they are exempt through their status as a provider or the loan type being offered.  The primary…

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Renewable Energy Services Taking Off with $1,000,000 Finance

We are delighted to announce $1,000,000 in accounts receivable finance for a business providing services to the renewable energy industry.  The client has been operating a successful business in the UK and recently opened a US Company to serve a larger market. Their challenge was covering payroll as they needed to hire additional technicians in…

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