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Top 10 Ways to Improve Performance in Food and Beverage Manufacturing

food and beverage manufacturing line - worker at bottling production line

There’s no doubt, being in the food and beverage manufacturing industry at this point in time is tough. It was never an industry for the faint-hearted, competing with established big brands and falling foul to ever-changing consumer behavior and strict regulations.  The market is growing, however consumers are looking for more value, buying into sustainable…

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Debtor in Possession Financing – A Complete Guide

If your business is experiencing severe financial challenges and considering filing for bankruptcy, all may not be lost as there is a special type of financing meant for businesses that are in bankruptcy. Many businesses will be unaware of the advantages of this type of financing but debtor in possession financing (or DIP financing) is an…

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Using Staffing Factoring to Overcome Industry Challenges

Staffing factoring essentially refers to invoice factoring when used by a staffing company. Factoring for staffing companies, whilst the specific terms and advances of the arrangement may differ, works just like an invoice factoring transaction would in other industries. The staffing company sells its accounts receivable (unpaid invoices) to a third-party financial company, known as…

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Oil and Gas Business Moves Forward with $350,000 Finance

An oil and gas services business has finally got the funding they need to step forward with their plans after the bank was unwilling to extend their facility.  A $350,000 accounts receivable facility will allow the company to reduce their accounts payable obligations and focus on growing sales in some of their target regions.  The…

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$1M Finance Secures Bright Future for Lighting Manufacturer

We’re delighted to announce a $1,000,000 accounts receivable facility for a lighting manufacturer headquartered in Tennessee.   The business held a very strong sales position through the pandemic, however with subsequent supply chain challenges and inflationary pressure, sales plateaued over the last couple of years. The market is now experiencing an uptick in activity and the…

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