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Manufacturing is a diverse industry ranging from automotive suppliers, job shops, and steel and plastic molding plants, to soap manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, and sports equipment manufacturers.

Sallyport Commercial Finance can provide you the needed financial help to manage your company’s growth, grab the business opportunities with both hands, or to make payroll. When you need quick, tailored, and professional financing solutions: Sallyport Commercial Finance is here to provide timely and easy-access to funding.

Oil & Gas

Sallyport Commercial Finance is the industry expert in the energy sector, providing tailored cash flow solutions that allow you to take advantage of business opportunities as they arise without the typical cash constraints faced by growing businesses.

Oilfield service companies working on the front lines of North America’s energy sector seek Sallyport Commercial Finance’s working capital solutions to free up working capital tied up in unpaid invoices, to speed up cash flow and facilitate growth.

Our client partners provide a wide range of upstream, midstream, and downstream services to the Oil & Gas companies in the U.S. such as:

  • Oilfield Trucking Companies
  • Oilfield Service Companies
  • Oilfield Supply and Construction Companies

“Thank you for helping us get through the learning curve with flexibility and kind understanding – you have been consummately delightful as we worked through it all to get us to this day”.

—CEO of a Commercial General Contracting company

Fashion & Apparel

Sallyport Commercial Finance understands that apparel businesses are run by some of the most entrepreneurial and dynamic people around. You have to design lines and constantly reinvent yourself season after season, year after year. You have unique demands for seasonal or growth cash flow. With materials to purchase, or production to get started, working capital is key.  

With our apparel industry expertise and your company specific working capital financing solution, you can continue to make quality products, season after season, meeting shipping windows crucial to maintaining a loyal customer base.

What’s more, as our clients you have direct access to the decision makers, speeding up the underwriting process and enabling a fast turnaround on your funding needs.

“We value our partnership, you have allowed us to grow and it is starting to show!”

– Chard Corsini  President Wear Ovation L.L.C.

Renewable Energy

The renewable and clean energy industry is gathering pace globally, however business owners in this area are likely to experience challenges accessing the funding they need to grow. The industry is relatively new, lacking some clarity around the regulatory and climate transition policy that more risk-averse lenders would like. Businesses in this space often require very high initial capital expenditure with long payback times and traditional bank lenders are increasingly constrained with what they’re able to offer them long-term.

Sallyport appreciates the nuances impacting business owners’ ability to secure finance in the renewable energy sector. Whether it’s finance for a project or ongoing working capital you need, we will always try to provide a financial solution by focusing on the business’ potential for growth.

Staffing Services

At Sallyport we know that cash flow is the lifeblood of your growing staffing agency. You need cash on hand to meet current payroll obligations and cash available to expand your services. That’s why Sallyport makes it easy for you to get the cash you need when you need it.

We offer flexible financing for every type of staffing company. We make the process simple to understand, provide flexible credit limits and same day approval decisions. With Sallyport as your financial services partner, you can fund the dreams and goals of your staffing company whether you are just starting out or looking to expand across the country. 

We help you:

  • Meet your payroll. Have complete confidence that your funds are sufficient for your weekly payroll needs.
  • Recruit more staff. Have the cash to offer attractive salaries and benefits to win the war on talent.
  • Expand your market. As you grow, you may need to open new offices in new cities or states. A steady flow of working capital can help you cover the costs associated with these new locations.

Whatever your business goals and needs, Sallyport is here to support you. Because Together We Grow.

Food & Beverage

Sallyport Commercial Finance understands the challenges and opportunities facing food and beverage companies. That’s why we offer fast, flexible solutions to help free up your cash flow so you can grow your food and beverage business. We provide the working capital to address fluctuating commodity and food prices, manage rising transportation costs amid changing economic cycles, and to meet evolving environmental and regulatory requirements.

Our wide range of financial services can help any size manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor. Whether you are growing, going through a rough patch or looking to expand internationally, we can help you meet your goals.

“Thank you very much for doing that for us. It speaks volumes about your attitude towards your customers. So very refreshing!”

—Food and Beverage Company

High-Tech & IT

Technology companies often face cash flow challenges. Whether you are selling equipment, manufacturing, consulting, or a combination of these, you often must accept net 30 or net 60 day terms. Sallyport Commercial Finance’s cash flow solutions can close the funding gap from revenue to cash and make sure your technology company has the resources it needs.

Professional Services

Unpredictability, lengthy projects and even lengthier billing cycles are all hallmark challenges for the professional services industry. Business owners have to cost projects months in advance and often rely on third-party suppliers to provide some goods and services which can add unexpected costs along the way. Waiting 90 days for receivables after project completion can quickly drain liquidity and leave nothing for investment in people or technology.

Time is quite literally money in professional services and Sallyport recognizes how crucial it is to maintain a consistent flow of working capital. Leveraging accounts receivable finance ensures there’s cash on hand to invest in growth and cover regular expenses; our experienced accounts team may also become an extension of your team, leaving you free to focus on core business activities.


Paying suppliers early and awaiting payment can put a strain on your cash flow. We’re experts at creating flexible funding solutions for wholesale and distribution companies. By working with Sallyport Commercial Finance, you can get the working capital you need for daily operations and growth.

 “We are thankful to find a company that shares the same ideals on customer satisfaction and service, as does National Corset. We are looking forward to a long lasting profitable relationship”

—Kirk Schlobohm  Vice President National Corset Supply House

Working capital for growth through factoring, accounts receivable and asset-based lending.
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