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Business Debt Consolidation – Everything You Need to Know

business debt consolidation blog feature image - scales with income on one side and debt on the other

Business debt consolidation does exactly what you might expect; consolidate a number of varying business debts into a new agreement.  It’s no surprise that many small and medium-sized businesses have resorted to multiple types of debt finance to get them through the last few tumultuous years. Continued inflationary pressures have driven the need for external…

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How Do Businesses Benefit from a Cash Flow Loan?

cash flow loan blog feature image with cash laid down like a road and three different arrow directions

Businesses experience cash flow challenges for a number of reasons. These problems are not all bad news; a company may be growing so fast for example, that a short-term need arises for additional working capital and existing credit lines won’t stretch far enough. These funds take the strain off cash flow and can help with…

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