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$1,200,000 Million Growth Capital for Eyewear Brand

This rapidly growing eyewear brand was referred to Sallyport by our contact who specializes in standallone inventory finance. Eco-friendly alternatives are popping up in each and every industry and giving consumers the choice to move away from products that we know do more harm to the planet. This brand goes even further in that it not only manufactures products made completely from recycled and natural materials but it actually goves back to our planet with a number of vital, socially conscious programs.

Working closely with the clients’ existing lender, Sallyport provided a $1.2 Million in Accounts Receivable facility that will grow as the client grows their already successful company; they will use the funds for ongoing working capital management as they aim to grow their business upwards of $30 Million.

Senior VP for Sallyport, Alexandra Scoggin, is delighted to have been able to support her new client in their growth…

With a quick turn around of less than 2 weeks, Sallyport was able to fund another rapidly growing company onto the next exciting stage of their business journey. I am so pleased to be a part of the business achieving their future goals whilst also showing so much consideration for future generations and those currently in need. The founders and leaders of the company are such an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere! 

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