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$7,500,000 Finance for Fragrance Industry Leader

We welcome another fantastic client to Sallyport in July as we provide $7,500,000 in finance for fragrance industry leaders in the U.S. After funding the business’ Canadian entity earlier this year, we’re delighted to bring on board the U.S. side of the organization with a $7.5 Million total accounts receivable facility.

The client will utilize the funds for ongoing working capital requirements with the long-term goal of taking market share in the region.

Nick Hart, Sallyport President is excited to be part of the customer’s growth plans…

It’s very gratifying to be able to support this innovative business with their expansion in another country; the best recognition we could get is when clients’ are so pleased with our services that they consider us for further opportunities and we’re very excited to work with them in the U.S.




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