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Sallyport Tailor $2.5 Million Finance for Food and Beverage Manufacturer

We’re thrilled to announce a tailored finance package of $2,500,000 for a family-owned manufacturer of powdered coffees, cappuccino mixes and other specialty drinks. The funding comprises accounts receivable and inventory finance and a cash flow loan which will enable the client to cover their operational expenses as they expand the business both at home and abroad. 

The prospect self-referred through a Sallyport employee as they wanted to work with one of our Senior Account Executives who had managed their account many years prior at another company. This was testament to her professionalism and integrity that they had sought her support once again, as their existing lender had become very transactional and they wanted to work with a financial company that understands the intricacies of their business. The company quickly realized that Sallyport would be able to reinstate the ‘personal touch’ they were seeking in a lender. 

The business is now in a place where they can execute on their expansion plans with confidence. They have big plans to reach $20M in annual sales, become 100% self-manufacturing by bringing the blending process in-house and will continue to grow the brand overseas in the export markets.

Sallyport’s Inside Sales Manager, Anne Mask is excited to see what the client can achieve with a financial partner that understands their business and treats them as the unique entity they are…

“We are delighted to add this company to our portfolio and look forward to supporting their growth – both domestic & foreign.”

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