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Pharma Power: $10M Funding Boost Magnifies Growth

In a significant move to support business growth, Sallyport is delighted to announce a groundbreaking $10 million in Accounts Receivable Finance for a prominent pharmaceutical company – Shield Therapeutics Inc. This financing marks a pivotal moment for the organization, which is fervently navigating its commercialization journey in North America amidst soaring sales figures.

The infusion of $10 million in Accounts Receivable Financing will provide the pharmaceutical company with the necessary impetus to further bolster its operations across North America. Despite the intricacies involved in orchestrating this financial arrangement, with the pharmaceutical firm operating under a UK parent company, Sallyport’s global footprint, including key offices in both the UK and the US, facilitated the seamless execution of this complex deal, ensuring swift and effective funding for the client.

Special acknowledgement goes to Chris Huntington, VP of Business Development for Sallyport for diligently progressing the opportunity from start through to fruition. 

Nick Hart, President of Sallyport, is thrilled to welcome the new client aboard;

“We are very excited to partner with Shield Therapeutics to help support their much-needed innovative specialty pharmaceutical product address a significant unmet need for patients suffering from iron deficiency, with or without anemia. Our initial $10MM will help drive distribution and sales in Q2 and beyond.Our initial $10MM will help drive distribution and sales in Q2 and beyond.”

This strategic collaboration underscores Sallyport’s unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and growth within diverse industries. By leveraging its expertise and international presence, Sallyport continues to serve as a catalyst for businesses, enabling them to realize their full potential and flourish in today’s dynamic, global marketplace.

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